Our Story

Our paths have intertwined many times in the past, as the universe pressed our lives closer, it became more and more apparent that we were meant to create something as a team.

On the surface it may seem like we come from different worlds; Mandi growing up tending to crops in NC, born to hippies while Kim spent her young life on the road traveling from country to country, city to city as the daughter of a soldier. Mandi made her way to Charlotte and fueled her passion for opening individuals to acknowledging and celebrating their physical beauty by becoming a stylist/make-up artist. Meanwhile, Kim landed on a similar path in Hollywood optimistic that her focus on personal liberation would be experienced by her audiences whether it be through music, acting, or writing.

We both saw the unrealistic pressures men and women were faced with in the outward industries and in everyday life. It became clear to both of us that we wanted to do more to empower others. Our drive is  to create ways to help others heal or become better versions of themselves thru coaching, guidance, sharing our personal journeys, and it’s what has brought us together to create this company.

Root To Crown Realm is a collaboration and support network, we offer lifestyle support through our wellness program that caters to your individual goals and desires with the undercurrent of positivity.

The “Root”  of our collective focuses on the physical, tangible health; this would include our dietary plans, fitness classes, and the outward presentation (personal styling to interior decorating depending on your needs) while the “Crown” emphasizes inner areas such as emotional well-being, life-purpose, and mindfulness (ranging from centeredness to intuitive insight).

We like to have fun that’s why our programs get you out of your own internal monologue and into the wonderment of life. This is the key we have found to making major changes or maintaining a new lifestyle. In addition to our programs we offer Yoga classes with a twist such as; Moving Meditation, where we occupy the mind with original story telling while you move through yoga sequences (truly Poetry in Motion), Yoga Soul Lounge is a monthly gathering where our class is accompanied by a live DJ and integrative binaural beat-based meditation to spice things up.

We have lots more going on and we’ll be taking the time to explain each offering through this blog so look out for the next one! Thanks for your interest and support!!

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