The moment I knew I was ready to commit to a cleanse with Rachael Lanehart, I knew I was going to have to confront some shit but I had no idea what I was about to discover about myself through my literal shit. Ok enough of the pun on poo, I decided to write this because of the profound journey working with Rachael truly was and it had a lot to do with what was physically purging from my body. Rachael reminded me through the detox to look at my excess flab not as “weight” but as “waste”. I followed the program and protocols Rachael had created for me at first with apprehension then soon into the cleanse I begin to see an instant shift in my body and more interesting for me, a huge shift in my spirit. After years and years of self-work it was made clear that I still had some deeply imbedded traumas that were calling to come to the surface to be healed, and Rachael saw straight through to them and was such a support in offering tools and guidance on finally releasing them. It truly became a pattern of purging, looking inward, and ultimately ending in peace or, Shit-Meditate-Love. As I continued to starve off the microorganisms in my gut that were feeding off of sugar, my thoughts were crystal clear. Rachael continually reminded me to “stay in your lane”, this cleanse was about focus, integrity, and clarity, the bonus is the shedding of excess waste that led to me reaching my ideal weight. I didn’t love drinking the shakes everyday but it came with purpose and I could clearly see the benefit for myself-in the toilet. It was shocking!! I was open and seeking a metaphysical journey, and that what I received far beyond what I could have ever expected. It wasn’t easy to look at what was surfacing but I had a hand to hold. Don’t get me wrong though, Rachael will hold you accountable while holding your hand. And that’s what I signed up for. Her awareness and astuteness around knowing body chemistry, the digestive system, what protocol to set in place for whatever symptom and added with the fusion of esoteric support- I was truly blown away. I can’t recommend her program more and taking the time to explore being your own body in this way.