services & offerings

Your Authentic You

Below you can find a list of the diverse services, events and classes offered, there is sure to be something of interest to you!

  • Workshops and Programs
  • Guided Meditations & Sound Healing
  • Soul Purpose Guidance
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Aquatic Float Sound & Shamanic Journeys
  • Free Spirit Dance Gatherings

Intuitive Readings • Intuitive Guidance

Kim is a psychic medium who offers private and group intuitive readings through the use of meditation, Auric field,  Chakra Crystal reads, channelled guidance, dream interpretation and symbolic insight, sonic, music and quantum healing techniques. Kim has also created The Wisdom Deck with artist Georgie Nakima that provides both daily guidance and monthly focus to be used on your altar or sacred space.


  • First Consult/Reading $125
  • $100/each additional reading


  • 3 Readings $250
  • 6 Readings $525

Soul Purpose Guidance

Soul Purpose sessions are designed to help you find meaning and purpose in your life, from relationships, financial abundance, creativity and more.
What is it you truly want out of life? Soul Purpose Guidance can help you figure it out and work out manageable steps to reach your goals.

Soul Purpose Guidance starts with a free consultation and then the following costs:

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 1 year


Aquatic Sound & Float Healing

Allow your mind and body to rest and receive the benefits of this unique modality of floating in an open air private pool entwined with the tones and sounds designed to alleviate stress to bring forth a sense of peace.

Guided Meditations, Sound Journeys & Live Performances

Kim provides all sorts of public healing events from Red Tents and Goddess Circles, to guided meditations and sound soaks to live performances supported by her band Echo Universe. Kim and Echo Universe are able to provide music and healing for small groups or larger venues and festivals.

Life Magic: Living the Everyday Life of Wonderment

“Life Magic: Living the Everyday Life of Wonderment” is a 3 part module created to unlock your true potential and harness your power within. As an artist and playwright, Kim  has been involved with and led countless artist’s circles that offered her the backbone to creating a fun and informative way to share ancient knowledge, manifesting techniques that work, ritual, spiritual and inner work, quantum healing for the everyday lifestyle and so much more.

Module 1

This module in packed with information, offered weekly emails and any guidance throughout the process.  It’s one thing to read a book, it’s another thing to implement the teachings into daily life. The learning is intense at times however, the benefits of the work and commitment are profound. The awakening of our spirit is sometimes messy yet in these classes each group of students grows into a tight-knit supportive circle; a truly magical bond. People have always asked Kim how she’s achieved her goals and stay so positive. This is how!

Module 1 Includes:

  • Weekly emails and “assignments”
  • 1 Monthly group meeting
  • 1 Monthly Skype/Facetime or phone individual meeting
  • Time Commitment: 6 months
  • Cost: $400
  • After completing Module 1 you will move into Module 2 which focuses on practical and applicable magic. Upon completion of Module 3 you have the option to move into Module 3 where you will become a Certified Gratitude Magic Facilitator.

Flow Church

Flow Church is a monthly gathering of freeform, conscious, (sometimes known as ecstatic) dance and flow arts. Every Third Sunday at 11am at The Project Space in NoDa, join Kim Irene and the FC community move with meditative eyes, looking inward and allowing the body to flow in whatever way it is called. No judgement and absolutely no experience necessary. This is a FREE offering!

Join Kim Irene every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 4pm at Sanctuary Imports in Plaza Midwood for HEAVILY MEDITATED. Each week a different accompanying musician comes in with Kim as she guides you through visualization and storytelling. This offering is the ideal way to set intention and focus for the week ahead and to release any stress or unwanted thoughts. *perfect for the beginning meditator who needs assistance in staying centered and engaged during meditation while exciting and new for the seasoned meditator as we explore vast reaching parts of the mind in unique and colorful ways.